Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership Between ALRO Group And InProCoat

JUNE, 2021

Everybody knows about the challenges imposed by the fire safety of batteries within many e-model cars. ALRO Group is now responding to the needed increase in the safety of new e-models! How? With a new strategic partnership and fire-safety technology made in Europe.

The strive for greater sustainability and emerging legislation driven by new climate standards forces car brands to roll out e-models faster every day. Nevertheless, everybody knows of the increasing pain points of electric cars. There are a lot of challenges imposed by environmental concerns and fire safety of EV batteries (thermal runaway scenarios).

InProCoat (InProCoat Holding GmbH), a leading German specialist for fire-protection coatings, has approached these challenges and developed innovative solutions to fire safety. They have developed a unique fireproof coating that can be easily applied and provided superior results in real-life testing environments.

Interestingly, whereas InProCoat specializes in fire-resistant coatings, ALRO Group, a highly renowned portfolio company of the Belgian investor Gimv, specializes in the application of coatings on a large industrial scale. More precisely in coating as well as painting plastic and metal parts for cars and trucks.

Therefore, the complementarity of ALRO Group and InProCoat promises an interesting collaboration. Due to the cooperation with InProCoact, ALRO Group will now be able to offer flame-resistant coatings for electric vehicle batteries.

“I congratulate the ALRO and GIMV team on entering this strategic partnership with InProCoat. I am confident, that the positive market environment for EV batteries will continue to drive demand and that both parties can now provide technology made in Europe to the global EV market”,

says Simon Fischer, Managing Partner at Telescope.

ALRO Group has entered into a strategic partnership with InProCoat and Telescope’s Advisory Partners Team has advised ALRO Group with Commercial Due Diligence services during the establishment of this partnership.

We’re looking forward to the future of this promising cooperation!

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Transaction Team

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Consultant, Transaction Advisory

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Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening

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