Identifying Growth Potential & Restructuring

Business Model Review

Reimagining your business model creates creativity and opportunities.

After immediate steps to securing a business during a crisis have been taken, Telescope sits down with the client’s management team to discuss the learnings we take away from this event. Since every crisis brings new opportunities, too, we begin to re-evaluate the existing business model of the client from sourcing of raw materials until customer delivery. We believe that is paramount to understand the weaknesses of the existing structures in order to imagine a business model for the firm which will prove more resilient in the next downturn.

Which opportunities can we take advantage of in terms of digitization of processes? How can we make our business less dependent on personal customer interactions? How can we develop a more balanced sales and production footprint, both in terms of industries and regions? Can we partner with start-ups in order to quickly change the way our business model works? Can we adapt the revenue models and streams to decrease vulnerability to short-term liquidity constraints of our customers?

Today’s successful business models may not work anymore tomorrow. Constant change and increasing speed of market developments will create the need for us to reimagine our business models. Let’s make use of this opportunity, today!

Restructuring Strategy

Every crisis brings new opportunities. We pave the way for you.

In the most difficult situations, firms of every size need to stabilize their finances and improve their operations to preserve value or continue the growth. Working with management, banks, lawyers, and other professionals, we help companies improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. But, we do so in order to truly understand what drove the businesses into crisis in the first place. We want to identify the drivers of uncertainty as well as the weaknesses in the business model to fully grasp what we can do to improve the business.

Oftentimes, crises also bring to light weaknesses in a company’s balance sheet structure. Our advisory team of experienced bankers and private equity executives supports our clients in identifying the right partners and banks for debt restructuring discussions. We further support the documentation of vendor documents (Vendor Commercial Due Diligence) and guide you through the process of refinancing. If applicable, Telescope supports its clients in the application process for state funding programs in close collaboration with the client’s tax advisors.

Vendor Support

We assist sellers, preferably Entrepreneurs, in the vendor process of their companies. In order to prepare for this event Telescope Advisory Partners supports the seller with all relevant process preparation work, from building a concise IM document to Vendor Due Diligence, to data room management and sales/negotiation support.

Our focus clients are entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses as well as companies owned by private investors (Private Equity, Family Offices, etc.). By being entrepreneurs and investors ourselves we strongly believe in professional sell-side advisory to maximize the valuation outcome and increase the chance of success of a deal through a professional yet entrepreneurial process.

Further, do we also have a deep understanding of the inherent value creation of having built a great company and therefore believe that structure, process, future ownership, and personal relationships matter as much as a realized sales price in such a situation.

Our understanding of the market and ability to find the right acquirer stems from many years of serving professional financial investors as well as strategic investors in buy-side processes and due diligence projects and our own exit experience.

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