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Strategy Development & Planning

We support our clients in the pre-deal phase in the evaluation of the technological and innovational status quo of the target company. The analysis focuses on market mechanics as well as technological development and the current level of innovation and digitalization.

Technology & Innovation Analysis in the Pre-Deal Phase


  • Provide clarity & status-quo analysis of technology and innovation level in a target industry and develop hypotheses on the standing of the target in the market

Topic List

  • Collection of questions with regards to technology and market mechanics with the fund’s deal team

Analysis & Tec. Assessment

  • 40-50 market stakeholder interviews along the value chain
  • Product technology review
  • Development of innovation life cycle (S-curve Analysis)

Conclusion On Key Questions

  • What are the market stakeholders thinking about it?
  • Are the market mechanics changing?
  • How is the technology developing?
  • What is the current level of innovation and digitalization?

Input For Initial Bid And Management Presentation

  • Key hypotheses for a successful deal
  • Input for CDD scope
  • Assumptions & initial feedback on target’s SWOT and position (winner-/loser position)

Innovation, Strategy & Finance

We strongly believe that the two most critical levers of success for any investment in the portfolio lifecycles are commercial excellence and innovation strategy, building the foundation to define the best growth path forward, hand in hand with your portfolio company.

We, therefore, support clients in establishing their business strategy by identifying growth opportunities and in improving their performance through a high level of innovation in their products, services, processes, and business models.

Our service portfolio is complemented by financial excellence advice improving your portfolio companies’ top and bottom-line performance through the combination of longstanding financial expertise and data-driven analysis of key performance indicators.

All our service solutions are customized to your requirements including Buy & Build strategy development and implementation as well as innovation program management to ensure fast, efficient, and sustainable value creation.

Value Creation Along Three Key Appraoches

1. Build Approach
  • Set-up a company (12 months) and associated corporate strategy
  • Develop and test a product
  • Evaluate and implement a service portfolio
  • Design and put internal and external processes and standards into practice
2. Improve Approach
  • Status-quo assessment and definition of improvement potential in on-site workshops
  • Upgrade and improvement of processes and tools
  • (Further) Development of KPI sets and goals and subsequent monitoring and controlling mechanisms
3. Acquiring Approach
  • Strategic add-on acquisition of partners for digital execution and product delivery
  • Forward and backward integration of services
  • Innovation & Technology investing through own CVC infrastructure
HR excellence through setting up an internal HR roadmap for internal talent development
supplemented by hiring of key personnel on various levels of experience

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