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Telescope Advisory Partners is a data-driven transaction and innovation strategy advisory boutique that specializes in commercial due diligence and strategy support. We are based in the heart of Munich with a team of specialists and a resourceful environment being a part of The Growth Partners network.

Our nucleus is data. We find information and primary sources for however niche the topic or complex the industry segment is and build a comprehensive 360° perspective.

We rely on first-hand information that is up to date and based on the current developments in the market. We look back to understand and assess the historical development, but we focus on tomorrow and its implications to find avenues of growth for the target business.

Our modular service portfolio paired with our hypothesis-based approach enables us to individually adapt to the respective requirements of our clients.

In doing so, we have supported clients in the Private Equity world as well as renowned corporates in more than 100 projects.

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Our Unique 360° Approach

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Data-focused, and with the farsightedness of a telescope we aim to find the most attractive investment targets and identify growth potentials for our clients

Our Team

Simon Fischer

Managing Partner, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Software and IT, General Manufacturing, and Marine, Defense, Automotive

Consulting focus: Due Diligence, Growth Enablement, and Value Creation

Ludwig Preller

Managing Partner, Innovation & Strategy

Industry focus: Digital Business Models, Start-Up Process Management, VC and CVC

Consulting focus: Growth Strategies, Digitalization through acquisition, and Negotiations

K. Victor Henckel von Donnersmarck

Chief of Staff

Industry focus: Business Processes, Digital Business Models, and Consumers and Retail

Consulting focus: ESG Due Diligence, Sustainable Growth, Target Screening

Dennis Peter-Proske

Principal, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Automotive, Healthcare, TMT

Consulting focus: Target Screening, Commercial Due Diligence, and Platform Buy-&-Build Strategies

Steffi De Roy

Senior Consultant, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Chemistry, Software and IT, Waste management, and Manufacturing

Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening

Maximilian Maier

Consultant, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Software & IT, Automotive, Business Services

Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening

Julian Hoffmann

Analyst, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Automotive, Mobility, E-Commerce, Digital Business Transformation

Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening

Severin Forstner

Senior Consultant, Transaction Advisory

Industry focus: Construction, Software&IT, Automotive, Manufacturing und Healthcare

Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening

Katharina Winkler

Recruiting- & HR-Manager

Sabine Rousselle

Assistenz Finanzen

Zhenya Zerkalenkov

Junior Marketing Manager

Recent News

Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership Between ALRO Group And InProCoat

Everybody knows about the challenges imposed by the fire safety of batteries within many e-model cars. ALRO Group is now responding to the needed increase in the safety of new e-models! How? With a new strategic partnership and fire-safety technology made in Europe!
Read further to learn more.

Newest Articles

Your Future Car

Your Future Car

It has been announced for a while, but now the time has come to drive electric. The e-automotive market in Europe is expected to triple in the upcoming five years. From 5 million cars produced in 2021 to almost 16 million in 2026. Material engineering will be key to launch a successful electric vehicle (EV). Therefore, car manufacturers are currently the third biggest investors in R&D. What is Keeping Customers From Electric Driving Today?

The End of Multiple Arbitrage in European Private Equity

The End of Multiple Arbitrage in European Private Equity

In 2019 the M&A market was at a turning point and multiple arbitrage reversed from increase to decrease. The prognosis of company valuations for the next years is even worse. Which bears the question:
Is this the end of multiple arbitrage? And how do Private Equity funds adapt their strategies to these new circumstances?

European Private Equity in times of COVID-19

European Private Equity in times of COVID-19

In the light of the coronavirus and initial projections of economic impact for Private Equity (PE) funds, the discussion about setting the right priorities is breaking out in fund management board rooms. Funds who can play offense in times of this bear market will likely make the best bets and emerge much stronger from this extraordinary crisis. But what are fund management priorities?

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Simon Fischer

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