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Unlocking Growth Opportunities

Navigate the complexities of acquisitions with our
expert transaction advisory services.

Whether you’re a financial investor or a strategic buyer, we’re here to support you in the small and mid-cap market, with a special focus on technology sectors and industry-leading targets.

PE Sector Strategy

In PE sector strategy projects, we review sector characteristics and the status quo of a particular market niche to validate the attractiveness of this segment for a structured private equity investment approach.

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Pre-DD Assessments

So-called Pre-Due Diligence Assessments often serve as the basis for any successful long-term engagement of a Private Equity investor in a particular technology market niche. Telescope herein assesses the current trends, drivers, customer demands, as well as competitive dynamics in a sector before deciding to enter (future) competitive M&A auctions in the field.

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Commercial Due Diligence

The bankable Commercial Due Diligence is Telescope’s signature advisory service. We have served as deal advisors on hundreds of transactions with a focus on understanding a target’s competitive position, hidden potential, attractiveness in the light of market trends and drivers, as well as the ability to continuously introduce innovative products and solutions.

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Tech Due Diligence

In technology due diligence (“Tech-DD”) projects, we assess the product development processes and application landscape, the digital product architecture, the product’s performance as well as the IT/product-organization.

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ESG Due Diligence

The importance of sustainability is constantly rising and can help businesses to expand their corporate social responsibility. It is designed to be in keeping with environmental, economic and social outcomes.

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