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Unlocking Growth Opportunities

We help to accelerate a firm’s performance after the acquisiton

by a new investor with a clear focus on top-line development, buy&build and organizational growth. Our ambition is to balance ambition and ability on an optimal level and to help investors to unlock the hidden potential.

100 days plan

Essential first step after an acquisition is the PMI-office setup that supports the fund and the target in jointly developing a roadmap to unlock the value creation potential in the new setup.

Buy&Build Implementation

We actively support in small- and mid-cap assets the setup and kick-start of structured buy&build workstreams. Herein, we support in identifying and listing actionable targets in a sector, defining the contacting approach and executing the facilitation of mutual intros between the nucleus and potential add-ons.

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Commercial Value Creation

Within the organizational value creation work, Telescope focuses on unleashing performance increases on top-line KPIs and organizational topics, such as HR and ESG.

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